Fishslaughter I

by Fishslaughter

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    releases July 11, 2017

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NEEMO vs the Octopus
The Depths
Nevermore (the Death Box)
Up from the Abyss
Unholy Sacrifice


The seven species of sea turtles that exist today have roamed the depths of the ocean for more than 100 million years. They were here when reptilian behemoths ruled the earth and colossal leviathans ruled the seas-- millions of years before man came to walk and corrupt the earth.

Today, at least six out of the seven species of sea turtle by the IUCN Red List as being endangered. If we take these creatures from the ocean, you can be sure that the ocean will, in turn, take something of ours...

For that reason, album proceeds will go directly to an organization based in Juno Beach, Florida that deals specifically with sea turtle conservation*. The minimum donation is set at $2.00, but the more you give the more turtles you save.

*We cannot currently state the official name of the organization for legal reasons, but any web search of "Juno Beach sea turtle" will yield the website of the organization that we are referring to.


releases July 11, 2017

Written and Performed by Fishslaughter
Bass, drums, and vocals on all tracks performed by Glub, 37th Imperator of the Trout Order
Tracks #2, 8, and 9 written with Rattus Rattus and Rattus Rex
Lyrics on track #3 written with Rattus Rex
Recorded at the Bunker Studios
Mixed and Mastered by the Arkitekt

Fishslaughter is...
Bass/Vocals - Glub, 37th Imperator of the Trout Order
Drums - POOT-X

Artwork provided by the NTNU Museum of Natural History and Archaeology



all rights reserved


Fishslaughter Connecticut

FISHSLAUGHTER: A slimy, scaly creature pumping tunes from a hyrdothermal vent since '06, baby...

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Track Name: Fishslaughter
Watch dead bodies rise
Blood pours from the gills
1,000 living dead and all their body bags are filled

Night falls one more time
Seared, covered in lime
Bodies mutilated, gutted, blackened, filleted, fried

Watch dead bodies rise
Blood pours from the gills
1,000 living dead and all their body bags are filled

The time has come
Let the fish slaughter begin
Rise up from the deep
We will fight them
Their blood on the beach
We will fight them
Waters flood the streets
We will fight them
Ride This Wave of Blood
Track Name: Yarm the Unspoken
Ancient kraken, rise up
From below the Arctic
And conquer, take back
The earth to the water

Endless yarm
Of mindless pain
Words unseen
Amoral being
Fill the Earth
With thawless ice

Never before has humanity seen
Such a colossal creature to feed their screams
To come up from the deep and thrash its arms
And send tsunami raining you’d best the sound alarms

You’ve waited too long now the time has come
Death by water, chant the song
Death by kraken, fall the strong
Death by thunder, ask what went wrong

Ancient evil, rise up
From below the Ice
You shall rise
From the deep
Reclaim this place
For the night
Track Name: Fin Rot
I will eviscerate you
Blood Eagle
Pull your body
From the wreckage
Of the vessel you commanded

Swimming for your life as you say your prayers
Your blood mixed with the brine you will pay for your crimes
Dragged into the deep

Swimming from them
You cannot escape them
Fish remember
How you’ve wronged them

Beg for mercy
Cry for your life
It does not matter
You’ll die in the water

Your body impaled
Your hull has failed
You have no choice
But to go down with the ship
Track Name: Black Fish
Welcome to the deepest deep
Enter your eternal sleep
Nightmares be your eternal dreams
Live forever die forever
Live forever die forever
Live forever die forever
Live forever die forever

Lungs collapse under the pressure
Gasp for air they take in water
Death is no longer a way out
Blinded by the darkness, blackness
Blinded by the darkness, blackness
Blinded by the darkness, blackness
Blinded by the darkness, blackness

Tentacles: they’re mindless, roaming
This dark place at the bottom of the ocean
Armored spiders live forever
Beg forgiveness there is no pardon
You are damned to pain forever
Live forever, die forever
Live forever, pain forever

From the vent
Straight from hell
You will never
See the light
Here forever

Your dead body sinks to the bottom of the ocean where it rots and decomposes
You are clinically dead but remain painfully aware of your surroundings
You are cursed to inhabit this part of the ocean for all eternity and suffer a fate worse than any damnation a fiery hell could offer

Here, you shall be
Beneath the sea
Like a fish eternally
You're a fish eternally
You're a fish eternally

Here, this black part
Of the sea
You're a fish, eternally
You're a fish, eternally